Different types of Demolition Hammers and uses

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Demolition Hammers

Construction-based project activities involve a significant amount of concrete drilling and demolition. There are varieties of power tools available in the marketplace, making choosing the right tool a daunting task. Here we are to help you know the types of demolition hammers and pick the proper demolition hammer for your construction activity.

What is a demolition hammer?

The demolition hammer is one of the power tools specifically designed for the demolition of the structure. It is also known as stomping hammers. Demolition hammer tools are strong enough to break down various materials such as wooden walls, concrete surfaces and tile flooring. These powerful tools can have the high impact energy on the particular area and are more useful for demolition tasks.

Types of Demolition Hammers to choose from:

  • Electric demolition Hammers – these hammers are powered by electricity and used to break holes and chipping materials such as concrete.
  • Pneumatic Demolition Hammers – these hammers are electromagnetic tools used for breaking concrete and stone.
  • Hydraulic demolition Hammers – these hydraulic demolition hammers have a high impact, helping you demolish robust materials with exceptional ease.

How to choose the right demolition hammer?

To choose the right demolition hammer, you need to be aware of specific features such as size, weight, and bits that are essential for your demolition hammer’s best performance. Choosing the right demolition hammer can give a powerful performance for heavy-duty tasks.

If you are looking for the demolition hammer for your tasks, then we at KisanKraft provide you with a wide range of demolition hammer machines available online from the top brands that can meet all your requirements.


  • Robust tool with extra protection against heat and dust – prolonging the lifetime and lowering repair costs
  • Low weight and compact design for easy handling
  • Great performance to weight ratio – so you get a powerful breaker which is much less tiring to use


  • Chiselling on concrete and masonry walls
  • Creating channels in concrete and masonry to install pipes and cables
  • Light chipping and tile removal
  • Light-duty wall demolition

   Demolition Hammer- AY-PDH-840N

  • Volt/ Freq.: 220 V / 50 Hz
  • Impact Energy: 10 joules
  • Impact/min- 3500
  • Power: 1100 W
  • Weight: 7 Kg

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