Our Story

Our serendipitous foray into agricultural machinery begins in 1996. We had, in OEM with Honda motors, set up a showroom in Kanchipuram. The initial enterprise brought us in contact with the needs of much of rural Tamil Nadu. Having been i automation for quite a while, we heard tell of outdated, inefficient equipment. This subpar equipment also placed great physical strain on the body, leading to serious health issues We decided, that we would use our expertise with mechanics to bring much needed advancement in the agricultural machinery of Tamil Nadu. And thus, Raja Agro was born. With this we have started manufacturing of agriculture power products and equipment at our own factory in Rajan and Rajan Industries. We have humbly served the farmers of India ever since, expanding to multiple states across the country. Our commitment to the wellbeing of those we call the backbone of this very nation remains resolute. We have and will continue to bring innovation in the field of modern agricultural implements

Different Sources Of Farm Power

Human Power

Human power is the primary source for running small equipment and tools at the farm. Static activity such as chaff slicing, threshing, lifting, water, and so forth also are carried out employing labour. An average person can produce a maximum strength of about 0.1 hp for doing agricultural activities.

Animal power

the force produced by a pair of bullocks about 1HP for usual agrarian works. Bullocks are engaged in every kind of farm work throughout the year. Other than bullocks, different animals like camels, buffaloes, horses, donkeys, buffaloes, and elephants also are used at a few locations. The average load, an animal, can take is nearly one-tenth of its body weight.

Angle Grinders & Their Uses

Angle Grinders are one of the handheld power tools used for various metal fabrication jobs such as grinding, cutting, polishing, stripping, and finishing metal. Angle grinding is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use power tools and can work perfectly with many abrasives’ discs for fine metal fabrication.


Ergonomically designed tool for universal use in cutting and grinding
Low-profile design for easier access to tight spaces
Comfortable and convenient to use
Low tool weight – supports precise and continuous operation
Designed for working comfort – less tiring to use over long periods.

Different Types of Demolition Hammers & Uses

Demolition Hammers

Construction-based project activities involve a significant amount of concrete drilling and demolition. There are varieties of power tools available in the marketplace, making choosing the right tool a daunting task. Here we are to help you know the types of demolition hammers and pick the proper demolition hammer for your construction activity.

What is a demolition hammer?

The demolition hammer is one of the power tools specifically designed for the demolition of the structure. It is also known as stomping hammers. Demolition hammer tools are strong enough to break down various materials